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Learn the program of your choice using the training method that is best for you.

We bring you the best of all worlds by implementing communication technologies that allow us to save you in some cases up to 83% of the cost of professional training, giving you access to much more content and additional information not available anywhere else. Our Live Online classes deliver the same content as the more expensive live classroom training, and take advantage of the same Autodesk-authorized courseware to ensure the same quality training.

Our unrivaled training brings you the only productivity-focused methods and trade secrets that are mastered by professionals with 30 years of work in the field. We save you the effort, the hard work, and the learning curve by teaching you how to work on par with the best, and you can become the best designer in your company by using our skill-based training. The best: save almos

  • TRAINER-LED, LIVE ONLINE TRAINING. Most affordable courses. Trainer-led classes, delivered in our Virtual Classrooms. Same class and contents as the Live Classroom Training. Price up to 83%+ lower than regular classroom-based training delivered by competitors.
  • CLASSROOM-BASED. Limited class sizes. Best for students who need live guidance or do not have equipment at home. Most affordable pricing anywhere for live classroom training. Limited availability.
  • CBT / UNLIMITED ACCESS ANNUAL PASS: CBT Computer-Based-Training, self-paced, learn anytime, anywhere. For students who can't attend Classroom or Live Online training. Same course contents as our live classes. Additional contents available using our advanced subscriptions.
  • GOLD PASS ACCESS: (Live Online + Unlimited CBT Access): This is the recommended method for most students. Attend Live Virtual classroom training. Combine with CBT Unlimited Access pass to ensure maximum retention and mastery of the software, and easy troubleshooting without needing a repeat class.
  • PLATINUM PASS ACCESS: (Live Online, Multiple course levels; Unlimited CBT Access multiple levels). For students who want to become the fastest developers and receive access to the most extensive CAD productivity expertise. Recommended for learners who want to become "Speed Drafters". PC only.
  • INDUSTRY MASTER: (Live Online, Multiple software programs). Learn different programs. Gain increasing levels of expertise. Fully utilize software capabilities. Expand your skills to gain next-level expertise in diverse areas of knowledge, including AutoCAD + 3DS MAX, Revit, Maya, Inventor.
  • ONSITE CORPORATE TRAINING: for corporations who require live training at their location.





Live Online Courses:
Our most affordable option, you can learn easily the software of your choice in a live, trainer-led Virtual Classroom, taking advantage of the best existing courseware in the world, our unrivaled and proven training methods, unbeatable productivity techniques that increase your speed up to 500%+, the latest version of the software, unlimited repeats using our CBT off-line classes, and fully hands-on, practical classes.

Use your own computer to save money. Instead of paying $1799 for training with most companies, you can pay as little as $599 (promotional introductory price. Lock-in the price by registering right now) for one course using the best training technology and our very affordable prices. or save even more, by taking complete training packages that teach you all you need to become the Number One designer in your company!
Money back guarantee!

Most affordable course. Live training, trainer-led, delivered in our Virtual Classrooms. Same class and contents as the Live Classroom Training.

Take from anywhere in the world. Available in several time zones.



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