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autocad training, autocad courses, live autocad course, professional autocad coursesWHAT MAKES PRO TRAINERS IT DIFFERENT?

PRO Trainers IT is the only training company in the world delivering productivity-focused, certification-level training.

We integrate innovative content development, 30+ years of experience in key industries, with strategically structured, effective training services available to industry professionals, corporate staff and students. Our services are delivered to students in several countries using our training network.

We take advantage of highly-efficient, money-saving communication technologies that allow us to lower the cost of training services, allowing students to maximize their resources.

Students can attend their classes from any location with internet access. You will benefit from gaining access to the official certification courseware used by approved Authorized Training Centers (ATCs), working with the latest software, and learning using vendor-approved certification guidelines to ensure the highest-quality training and coverage of all the subjects that are most important in the industry.

We guide and help company management, students and professionals when choosing training solutions, often saving you months or even years of work. Our recommendations can help you understand what are the right technologies for your company, and gain access to enhanced-productivity opportunities that would not be discovered without help.

Our clients benefit from access to expert trainers who are recognized authorities in their fields, innovative content authors, vendor-certified instructors with 10 - 30+ years of experience in the industry, and award-winning authors and developers.

Our trainers are unrivaled in the industry. We support the latest technologies as soon as they are implemented by manufacturers, offering access to software applications and expert skills that other training centers do not support and are unaware of.
We work with corporate professionals and industry leaders, providing expert support that solves needs involving the latest industry trends, and our advanced knowledge of specialized software allows us to develop new content that puts us at the forefront of technology and education.

For this reason, you will find that some of the software titles we support are not available anywhere else, and in many cases, these tools define entire industries for years to come. We make it possible for professionals to learn the skills they need to work with the technologies of the future.

Some Reported Benefits of our Training

  • 99% of our students report immediate application of skills learned with us, increasing productivity in 50% or more.
  • 84% of our students say that our training has greatly contributed to their becoming some of the most skilled workers in their department.
  • 95% reported that the work done by our students has been positively impacted by the key skills gained during our training.
  • 65% of our students report that our training opened career paths, secured jobs, or improved salary opportunities that they did not have before.
  • 99% of our clients report high satisfaction with the training services they received from us.
  • 83% of our clients indicated that the training materials were "great" or better, and that they were very helpful in learning the software.
  • 90% of students say they became more confident and took advantage of advanced tools and skills learned with PRO Trainers.

Advanced Expertise, Flexible Training, and the Best Prices in the Industry

We have a commitment to bringing education to everyone, and especially to those who need it the most in order to improve their work skills and job eligibility.

We provide productivity-focused education taking advantage of:

  • Live Classroom-based training. Visit us or one of our partners in the areas we serve.
  • Virtual Classroom training (our most affordable training). Take Live Online training from almost anywhere, at a time that's convenient for you. Used by 86% of companies in the U.S.
  • On-Site Corporate Training. Bring the trainer to your company, saving money and allowing for flexible courses that provide custom solutions to your needs.
  • Online, self-paced courses. Learn at a time that's best for you, taking advantage of unlimited access to the courses you need, at an affordable price.
  • Private, Customized training. Small groups or one-on-one classes delivered online, at your location, or ours.


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